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Late Smt. Hanjabai Gahlot Charitable Trust’s


Approved by Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi

Affiliated to University of Mumbai, Mumbai

Affiliated to Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai

NBA Accredited D. Pharmacy

NAAC - B+ Accredited

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Fees for the AY - 2024/25: B. Pharm - Rs. 98,000.00, M. Pharm (Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance) - Rs. 60,000.00 and D. Pharm (provisional) Rs. 72000.00, Diploma Pharmacy – Accredited by NBA from the Academic Year 2023 - 24, 2024 - 25 and 2025 - 26, i.e., upto 30/06/2026. NAAC - B+ Accredited.

Teaching Staff

Faculty imparts dignity to the academic programme and is extremely committed. Apart from imparting knowledge they are dedicated to provide the students with a positive educational experience. In addition to their role as educators, the faculty is also dedicated to their role as instructors, researchers and mentors.


    Experience in Years 
NameDesignationDepartmentQualificationTeachingIndustrialNo of Publications
Dr. Bhaskar H. VaidhunPrincipalPharmaceutical ChemistryPhD380165

D. Pharmacy

    Experience in Years 
NameDesignationDepartmentQualificationTeachingIndustrialNo of Publications
Mrs.Amrita BhoyarAssistant ProfessorPharmacologyM. Pharm 7
Mrs. Shashikala BulgundeAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryM. Pharm 221
Mrs. Yogita LadgaonkarAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryM. Pharm42
Mrs. Akshara IndulkarLecturerPharmacyB.Pharm4
Mrs. Abhilasha DubeyLecturerPharmacyB.Pharm46
Mrs. Pooja WaskarLecturerPharmacyB.Pharm24

B. Pharmacy

    Experience in Years 
NameDesignationDepartmentQualificationTeachingIndustrialNo of Publications
Dr. Smita NayakProfessorPharmaceuticsPhD16875
Dr. Preeti KulkarniProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryPhD13640
Dr. Swati MittalProfessorPharmaceuticsPhD1616
Dr. Anuradha DerashriProfessorPharmaceuticsPhD1011
Dr. Surekha SalgarProfessorPharmacognosyPhD1210
Dr. Pratibha DaroiAssociate ProfessorPharmacologyPhD1310
Dr. Nitin KolheAssociate ProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryPhD, DBM13220
Dr. Bhaskar GavitreAssociate ProfessorPharmacologyPhD1208
Dr. Arvind NaikAssociate ProfessorPharmacologyPhD, DBM1512
Dr. Sandeep WaghuldeAssociate ProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryPhD16053
Dr. Bharti FegadeAssociate ProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryPhD1621
Mrs. Poonam PatilAssociate ProfessorPharmaceuticsM. Pharm1307
Ms. Vijeta DhabreAssociate ProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryM. Pharm, DBM84
Mrs. Urvashi ZamindarAssistant ProfessorPharmacognosyM. Pharm 1602
Mrs. Trupti LadeAssistant ProfessorPharmacognosyM. Pharm 1601
Mrs. Rupali LikharAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryM. Pharm 15015
Mr. Deepak TandaleAssistant ProfessorPharmaceuticsM. Pharm 1101
Mrs. Monika NameAssistant ProfessorPharmaceuticsM. Pharm 1403
Mrs. Disha SharmaAssistant ProfessorPharmacologyM. Pharm 308
Ms. Priyanka Sutar Assistant ProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryM. Pharm30
Ms. Dipika PawarAssistant ProfessorPharmaceuticsM. Pharm 215
Ms. Shruti DeshmaneAssistant ProfessorPharmaceuticsM. Pharm 10
Ms. Payal PilajiAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryM. Pharm 50
Mrs. Niki MadankarAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryM. Pharm 207
Dr. Manjushree PawarAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryPhD147

M. Pharmacy

    Experience in Years 
NameDesignationDepartmentQualificationTeachingIndustrialNo of Publications
Mrs. Pratibha TupeAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical Quality AssuranceM. Pharm 8
Mrs. Poonam ManeAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical Quality AssuranceM. Pharm 71