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Late Smt. Hanjabai Gahlot Charitable Trust’s


Approved by Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi

Affiliated to University of Mumbai, Mumbai

Affiliated to Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai

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Fees for the AY - 2023/24: B.Pharm - Rs. 83,000.00, M. Pharm(Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance) - Rs. 50,000.00 and D. Pharm(provisional) Rs. 72000.00.

All Faculties

Faculty imparts dignity to the academic programme and is extremely committed. Apart from imparting knowledge they are dedicated to provide the students with a positive educational experience. In addition to their role as educators, the faculty is also dedicated to their role as instructors, researchers and mentors.


   QualificationExperience in YearsNo of Publications
Dr. V. H. BhaskarPrincipalPharmaceutical ChemistryB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmaceutical ChemistryPhD3206242

D. Pharmacy

  QualificationExperience in YearsNo of Publications
Mrs.Amrita BhoyarAssistant ProfessorB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmacology6
Mrs. Shashikala BulgundeAssistant ProfessorB. PharmacyM. Pharm Quality Assurance121
Mrs. Shwetali S. NaikawadiLecturerB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmacology11
Mrs. Abhilasha DubeyLecturerB. Pharmacy31
Mrs. Pooja WaskarLecturerB. Pharmacy0.53.5
Mrs. Akshara IndulkarLecturerB. Pharmacy3.5

B. Pharmacy

   QualificationExperience in YearsNo of Publications
Dr. Smita NayakProfessorPharmaceuticsB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmaceutics1481040
Dr. Preeti KulkarniProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryB. PharmacyM. Pharm Quality Assurance126525
Dr. Anuradha DerasriProfessorPharmacologyB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmacology1025
Mrs. Poonam PatilAssociate ProfessorPharmaceuticsB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmaceutics9.57
Mrs. Surekha SalgarAssociate ProfessorPharmaceuticsB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmacognosy109
Ms. Vijeta DhabreAssociate ProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry7.563
Mrs. Monika KambleAssistant ProfessorPharmaceuticsB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmaceutics113
Mr. Deepak TandaleAssistant ProfessorPharmaceuticsB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmaceutics9.5
Mrs. Disha SharmaAssistant ProfessorPharmaceuticsB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmaceutics2141
Mrs. Bharti FegadeAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry15214
Mrs. Rupali LikharAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry1461
Mr. Nitin KolheAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical ChemistryB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry11256
Ms. Priyanka S. Sutar LecturerPharmaceutical ChemistryB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry2
Dr. Pratibha DaroiAssistant ProfessorPharmacologyB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmacology128
Mr. Arvind NaikAssistant ProfessorPharmacologyB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmacology1315
Mr. Bhaskar GavitreAssistant ProfessorPharmacologyB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmacology1124
Mrs. Urvashi ZamindarAssistant ProfessorPharmacognosyB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmacognosy142
Mrs. Trupti LadeAssistant ProfessorPharmacognosyB. PharmacyM. Pharm Pharmacognosy14.41

M. Pharmacy

   QualificationExperience in YearsNo of Publications
Mrs. Poonam ManeAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical Quality AssuranceB. PharmacyM. Pharm Quality Assurance5.61
Mrs. Pratibha TupeAssistant ProfessorPharmaceutical Quality AssuranceB. PharmacyM. Pharm Quality Assurance5.6